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Spices, Flavors and Other Essential Ingredients for Bakers, Manufacturers, Chefs and Confectioners

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Cake, Mousse and Cream Powder Bases


From aromatic cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg to dehydrated onion and garlic, we stock the spices key to flavoring your products. Focusing on commonly used spices ensures that ours are fresh.spices

Dehydrated Garlic and Onion – The basis of flavor in so many products, from salad dressings and sauces to breads and bagels. We stock garlic (combined USA and imported) and onion (USA) in a variety of cuts and sizes.

Please call us for a full list of spices available in stock and via special order.

A word about Storage and Shelf Life

The volatile oils that enable these ingredients to deliver flavor so effectively means they must be stored well away from other foodstuffs.  Shelf life is typically at least a year and up to 18 months from the date of production.  If you need information regarding the translation of lot codes to determine that date please let us know.


Flavorings – Our range includes pure almond, lemon, and orange oils, vanilla paste and a pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla 2x.  We stock many fruit flavors as extracts (in both all natural and artificial options), pastes and/or emulsions, including blueberry, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, pineapple, black currant and chocolate. We have a variety of other vanilla extracts including WONF, Bakers Clear, etc.

We stock fruit compounds, designed to provide a flavor boost without adversely affecting the moisture content of your recipe. These come in a variety of flavors.

Application - as with so many things, the type of application will dictate the kind of flavor to use, whether compound, oil, paste, emulsion or extract. We are always happy to talk with you about which format will work best for your recipe.

Please contact us for more information.

Baking Ingredients and Staples

Hard to classify, maybe harder to live without.

Milk Powders, Sugars, Jams and Glazes, Ganache, Dessert Power Bases, Rolled Fondants, Cornmeal, Sparrow Garlic Spread (Trans-Fat Free) and Sparrow Pan Spray

(Please refer to the categories Coconut, Seeds, Nuts, and Chocolate for detailed information on these ingredients.)

Cocoa Powder – There are several factors involved in choosing the most suitable cocoa for an application. The percentage of cocoa butter (10/12%, 16/18%, 22/24%, 24/26%, etc.) is one major variable. Color and pH, which can be closely linked, are also important considerations. Dutch processed is more common but Natural powders are available. In recipe matching, the combination of these factors becomes critical. If you need assistance with a project involving cocoa powder, we are happy to put our expertise to work for you. Please see Food Facts and Chocolate pages for further information on cocoa powder.

tasty tartMilk Powders – Markets for milk-based products can be extremely volatile, as we have seen in the past few years.  Sparrow stocks quality powders at competitive prices as we benefit from good connections in the industry and watch the market carefully. Powders are often added to breads and other baked goods to improve flavor and browning during baking.  Milk powder increases the protein profile in any product, and, if a nonfat powder is used, can do so with out increasing fat content.  These are important considerations in these “low-carb,” “good fats” days.

High vs. Low Heat powders - High Heat powders are typically for bakery applications where goods are subjected to oven temperatures of 300+ degrees F.  Low Heat powders are more often used in beverage and other dairy applications where the liquids may be boiled or heated briefly.

Please call us to discuss which milk powder would be best for your application.

Sparrow Garlic Spread – We are proud of our garlic spread!  It has many uses: Escargot, Garlic Bread, and Shrimp Scampi, for example.  It’s a great flavor enhancer for dishes like Steamed Mussels and Linguini with White Clam Sauce.  A little added to a tomato sauce or even a simple “Jus” can bring just the right depth of flavor. It is trans-fat free. Now available in a new convenient pack size.

Sparrow Pan Spray performs so well, and is so economical to use, it has become an essential in many establishments.  No one should have to waste time struggling to release finished products from the pan, or to incur losses by damaging the product in the attempt. There are six 16.5-ounce cans to a case.

Sparrow Honey Spread – Coming Soon!

Corn Meal – Ours is domestic corn, both fine and coarse grind.  Several different pack sizes are available so please inquire.

Jams and Glazes – We have several different types of glazes such as RTU/machine glaze, Clear, Apricot, Napmiroir and Chocolate glaze for the ultimate in shine on fruit tarts, cake, etc.  Our jams contain less sugar than most brands and deliver excellent fruit flavor for Danish pastries and other baked goods.

Decorative Sugars – A little sparkle can add a lot of interest to cookies, cupcakes, etc.  We have coarse and medium granulations of white and colored sugars, as well as fine sanding sugar. Our colors include red, blue, orange, green, yellow, etc. We also stock plain and cinnamon donut sugars. (Please refer to our Chocolate Specialties for other decorative ideas.)

Rolled Fondants – For the well-dressed wedding cake, or for any worthy celebration cake. Rolled fondant is excellent for shaping flowers, bows, and other decorations, as well as for draping over a cake.  It can be colored or flavored as you wish. Available in white, ivory, and chocolate.

Chocolate Ganache - This delicious and versatile product works equally well for pastry or confections. Please see our chocolate page for more information.

We stock some other helpful basics such as Baking Soda, Pretzel Salt, and Peanut Butter.  If you need something you don’t see on the website please call or email us to enquire as we may very well have it!

Please contact us for more information.

Cake, Mousse and Cream Powder Bases

creme brulee dessert

To anyone responsible for dessert for an important function, these are the big "stars" in the Pastry Star constellation. Innovative powders for Crème Brulee, Crème Caramel, and Pastry Cream, as well as Sponge Cake, "Molten" Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Mousse contain nothing but natural ingredients. These mixes make delicious desserts possible when time is of the essence and when staff is in short supply. The flavors are true, with no aftertaste. Some of the mixes, such as Pastry Cream and Chocolate Mousse, are cold process. Whether hot or cold process, in a few quick steps the result is a dessert to serve proudly.

Please contact us for more information.


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