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Ready to Fill Pastry

Ready to Fill Pastry Cups and Shells

Traditional pure butter tart shells from 2" to 11", cream horns, bouchees, etc.

Tart shells come in a variety of shapes and sizes to support many applications. Many are available with butter and pure vanilla, while others are made with vegetable oil for a very economical option. Square shells as well as barquettes and other shapes allow for a more individualistic presentation.

In a perfect world, all tart shells would be "home-made." But time doesn’t always permit. When a big banquet looms, ready made shells can be a lifesaver. In addition, we have several products to help create wonderful fillings when time is short. Please see our fruit purees and chocolate cups and decorations for ideas on desserts that come together quickly, look and taste great, and are quite economical.

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Canned Fillings

Fruits and Puddings – from pumpkin for the all-important Thanksgiving pie, to the cherry on a sundae.

canned filling photoFruits – Canned Applesauce, Diced  Apples, Banana, and Pumpkin, plus Maraschino Cherries (whole and halves, with and without stems) in gallon jars

Puddings – Canned Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch and Tapioca

All our jams, fruit fillings, canned fruits, cherries and puddings are sourced from American producers.

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