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Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit

Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Fruits – as a direct volume importer/distributor of these commodities, our top quality nuts, seeds and dried fruits move quickly and are always fresh.

Coconut: Macaroon, Shred, Flake, Medium and Chip, Toasted (some coconut available sulfite-free)
Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds and Pecans, whole and in a variety of cuts
Imported and domestic nut and praline pastes
Raisins: Selects and Midgets with and without oil
Seeds: Poppy, Sesame, Caraway, Flax, Millet, and Sunflower

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Applications: Plain bagels are nice, but even better with sesame seeds – and ours stick to the bagel! Nuts, seeds, coconut and raisins are key to breads and other baked goods as well as to many confectionary products and ice creams. And don’t forget favorites Trout Almandine or Coconut Shrimp; there are many applications for savory dishes in this category.

Coconut – The fruit of the coconut palm is one of those foods that people tend to either love or loathe. We love coconut at Sparrow! To make it even more appealing, the word is now out that coconut is full of important nutrients and healthy fats. We have containers of desiccated coconut coming on a regular basis; including macaroon, sweet flake, sweet shred, medium, chip, and toasted coconut. Several cuts are available without sulfites, so if you have a special requirement please call us to discuss.

Nuts - Our walnuts are grown domestically. We work closely with our supplier, and order frequently. This means that typically our nuts are kept in the shell until we order. This ensures a fresh product with good shelf life. Double Sortex cleaning provides peace of mind that debris in the product is well controlled.

We stock Halves & Pieces, Syrupers, and a variety of cuts. To avoid confusion over the meaning of terms like “small,” ”medium,” and “large”, we go by the numbers! Currently we stock #12, #13, and #15. Other sizes are available via pre-order.

Our Almonds and Pecans are also from the USA. Whole nuts and a variety of cuts are typically in stock, with other products available by special order. As with walnuts, volume purchasing ensures the freshness of the nuts.

Many customers watch the price of all nuts to make sure that they are using the most economical type for their application. This was the case a few years ago when walnuts became more expensive than pecans, and many manufacturers switched to pecans for breads and other baked goods when ever possible. Sparrow facilitated this switch for many customers by identifying the comparably sized pecan for the job. Our Sparrow Splash helps keep customers aware of trends in these important markets.

Nut Pastes – Almond and macaroon pastes are essential for, you guessed it, almond macaroons. We carry both, along with imported praline pastes from Valrhona and Callebaut, and an all natural pistachio paste. Nut pastes are a flavor enhancer for baked goods, ice creams, and confections of all sorts.

Seeds - such as sesame, poppy, and caraway are important cultural symbols to many people, as they often appear in many regional or national dishes. For example, caraway in German Sauerkraut (in France, Choucroute Garnie), or poppy in Polish babkas, or sesame in Middle Eastern tahini. And we all seem to love them on breads, bagels, etc.

We stock both premium Australian poppy and top grade Czech poppy. Your salesperson can discuss with you which seed would best suit your needs.

We have variety of sesame seed; premium hulled (clean and white) or natural from India, along with Venezuelan when available. As with Poppy seed, we have worked with the same suppliers for many years which helps ensure the quality of the seed.raisins

Raisins – We can supply your needs, from a case to a truckload. Our California raisins are Selects or Midgets and both are available with or without oil. Raisins without oil are often preferred for bagel making and certain other applications.

A word about Storage and Shelf Life– Coconuts, nuts, seeds and raisins require cool and dry storage, well away from products with strong odors like caraway, onion, and certain spices. Nuts are good candidates for frozen storage to extend shelf life if necessary. However once removed from a frozen state, walnuts in particular are more prone to rancidity and should not be kept in stock too long after being removed from the freezer.

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