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Chocolate Products

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All things chocolate: from cacao nibs to chocolate liquor and cocoa powder, on to the indispensable chocolate chip, the most refined couvertures, and delicate decorations.


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What ever it’s called, whether "Food of the Gods", "Ambrosia of the Ancients" or any other flight of fancy, chocolate is one of those things we just wouldn’t want to live with out. Sparrow has one of the widest ranges of chocolate products anywhere, to suit any taste and budget. Just as important, we have members of staff with the expertise to help you determine the right product for the job.

Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate drops, chunks, blocks, and ice cream inclusions, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Chocolate Batons, Nibs, Compound drops and coatings (non-tempering), Organic chocolate drops, Ganache and Cocoa Paste (see flavorings)

Cocoa Powder – We have a remarkable selection of cocoa powders, both imported and domestic, because we understand that every nuance of color, fat content, and flavor can have an impact on your products. Please call us to discuss the complete range of powders we stock, from Dutch processed to Natural, from black to brown to red, from high fat to low fat, and just about every variation in between. Working together we can determine the best cocoa for your application. See our Food Facts page for information on Dutch processed and Natural cocoas. See Baking Ingredients for details on the types of powder available.

Applications – all manufacturers have special formulas for baking drops (a.k.a. chocolate chips) and chunks, and others for ice cream inclusions, so it is important to use the right formula for the job. At the same time, as many a cost conscious pastry chef knows, chocolate chips can make a great ganache! Should you use chocolate liquor for your brownies, or cocoa powder? The answer may depend on the cocoa bean market. What is the best alternative to this cocoa powder that I love (everyone should have an alternate in their back pocket!)? These are the kinds of application questions we can help with.

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Chocolate Couvertures – Imported and Domestic

Couvertures Imported and Domestic – the cornerstone of the arts of pastry and confection, couvertures in either block or callets/discos/feves/pistoles! make it all possible. The word "couverture" is French of course. Its use indicates that the chocolate has sufficient cocoa butter, 32.5%, to allow it to flow freely to coat, or “couver,” whatever you want it to cover. A chocolate with less cocoa butter, or with anything other than liquor/mass, cocoa butter, sweetener, emulsifier and flavoring as ingredients, is not couverture.

Not only do we offer great domestic chocolate; we import chocolate from all over the globe, from Belgium, France, Germany and Venezuela. Some of the lines we offer are Barry Callebaut, Blommer, El Rey, Grand Place, Guittard, Peters, Scharffen Berger, Schokinag, Valrhona, and Wilbur.

Applications – used for baking, confectionary and ice creams – there are some savory applications too. Again, there are many different formulations to give the best results for a specific application. If you are having trouble with your current favorite, or have a question about the best formula for a certain job please call us.

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Chocolate Specialty Items

chocolate being used in a kitchen

Chocolate Specialties are key products that offer the finishing touch to cakes, plated desserts, and other creations.

Cups, Shavings, Blossom Curls, Ribbon, Decorations, Mocha and Espresso Beans, Chocolate Sheeting and Shred

Application - For any decorative purpose, but they also taste delicious as ours are made from pure chocolate.

A word about Storage and Shelf Life

Chocolate must be kept in a cool (preferably below 65 F) and dry environment. Most manufacturers put "best before" dates on their products. However, when kept in proper storage chocolate can be in good condition for a year after that date. Dark chocolate can keep in good condition for even longer. Cocoa powder must be kept cool and dry as well. While not as fragile as chocolate, it can become lumpy if damp. Stored properly cocoa powder can keep in good condition for years. Both chocolate and cocoa powder are susceptible to picking up "off notes" from strongly flavored products such as caraway, onion, garlic, etc., and should be stored separately.

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Chocolate Ganache

Ganache Dessert

The sumptuous flavor that can only come from a ganache made with 50% imported dark chocolate, combined with the extended shelf life everyone needs and the ease of use that chefs dream of: Pastry Star’s Boston Ganache has it all. This delicious and versatile product works equally well as a filling for pastry or confections, as a flavor boost in creams of all kinds, and as a super-shiny glaze. The ingredients are 100% natural, and it shows in the flavor.

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