Desiccated Coconut (dried coconut) comes from the meat of a fresh, ripe coconut. Sparrow imports coconut from the Philippines and carries many cuts and sizes to meet your needs.

Great for all industries including: Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy/Ice Cream and Snacks.

Coconut Cuts

The sizes of the pieces range from large chips to very fine grains. Samples can help determine which is preferred for your application.

Chip – large pieces used for granola or bars or specialty food items where a large visual is desired.

Flake  – the classic look of flaked coconut – for the sides of cakes or other decorative garnishes. Also used for coconut fried shrimp and other savory applications.

Shred – thinner and longer than flake, this also can be used for cakes and pies and other pastry items.

Medium – smaller – often used as inclusion in baked goods

Macaroon – smaller than medium and often used to make American macaroons

Toasted Medium – medium coconut which has been lightly toasted for a nutty delicious flavor. Used as a garnish and in ice cream

Available in sweetened and unsweetened versions.
Available with or without sulfates.
Organic coconut is available upon request.
Available in food service packs and bulk packs.
Grown and processed in Philippines