Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder is the ground cocoa bean which has had about half of the fat (cocoa butter) removed . It is pressed into a hard “cake” and then processed into powder. There is no sugar in cocoa powder.

Most cocoa powders are alkalized – which is also known as “Dutch Processed”. This is the lowering the natural acidity by “washing” the powder with an alkaline. This step smooth’s out the favor as well as darkens the color.

Natural cocoa powder is also available and has not been alkalized.

We have a large selection of cocoa powders, both imported and domestic. We  know that every nuance of color, fat content, and flavor can have an impact on your products.

Please contact us to discuss the complete range of powders we stock, from Dutch- processed to Natural, from black to brown to red, from high fat to low fat, and just about every variation in between.

We carry the following powders and they are available in bulk and foodservice packs.

10/12% Organic/Natural

10/12% Dutch-Processed

10/12% Black

16/18% Dutch- Processed

22/24% Dutch-Processed

24/26% Dutch-Processed

10/12% Natural