Chocolate Specialty Items

Sparrow carries a large selection of chocolate cups and chocolate decorations.

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This category has grown dramatically in recent years as chefs and bakeries realize they can save money by using ready-made chocolate items. It has also been proven that using chocolate decorations offers incremental revenue to chefs and bakeries as consumers are accepting of the additional cost.

Chocolate Cups

Chefs can fill the chocolate cups with mousse, ice cream or fruit and create a unique and fun dessert

These cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes in Dark, White, Marble & Pastel colors.

Chocolate Decorations:

Fans, Round, Points, Roses, Filigree

Individual pieces placed on a cake or cup cake etc.

Shavings – Dark and White (5.5 lbs),

Blossom Curls – Dark, White, Marble,

Ribbon Shavings – Dark, White, Red and Marble (4 lbs);

Curled Shavings – Dark, white milk & marble chocolates

Spaghetti – Dark Chocolate

Pencils – Dark , White & Marble;

Mocha Beans

Batons  (Chocolate sticks) Imported and Domestic;

Crispy Pearls – White, Dark, Strawberry & Caramel covered rice crunch.